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 I saw and played very briefly a heelless guitar by Eric Monrad. This is
an exciting concept to me for two reasons: Barring 12th fret is possible,
especially with a fanned fretboard.
 Lowering or raising action becomes a matter of unbolting the neck,
shaving the appropriate amount in the right place, and bolting the neck
back on.
 I am building not one, but three heelless guitars, a Cedar/Spruce
with a fanned fretboard (632 to 650 mm), a Spruce/Spruce and a
Spruce/Cedar doubletop.
As usual, after they are built, there will be a period of evaluation before
I offer this new option.

So... my first impression when picking up the heelless: This just
FEELS NICE. On to the next one, and start showing it!

I am getting very positive responses from players who try the heelless!
See it on Facebook!

Happy to report that heelles guitars #48 and #50 sold within a month after being put on consignment.

Excited to get my first Hoffee Carbon Case, for my own guitar.
Bendicht Tschannen, Luthier

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  I have now played this fanned fret guitar since last February 2012. I really like the concept, I believe it is an ergonomic improvement, so I am adding it on my "Options" page. SOLD at Trilogy Guitars.