Bendicht Tschannen, Luthier


DOUBLE TOP: I heard a Damman double-top played at the first IGI masterclass in Las Vegas and really liked it . After some information gathering and experimentation, I decided to make it a STANDARD feature of my guitars. It is available as Cedar/Cedar, Spruce/Cedar, Cedar/Spruce, or Spruce/Spruce combination, with a Nomex core.  Also available with Redwood and Alaskan Yellow Cedar.

SIDES AND BACK: Indian Rosewood is STANDARD, other woods are available by request. I have made guitars of figured Maple, African Blackwood, Ziricote, Padouk, Cocobolo, Bubinga, Amazon Rosewood, Camatillo Rosewood and some others. Most of these available for up-charge. Please inquire.

WEDGE: Available by request, if you are more comfortable with a shallower guitar, but want to keep the resonating bass response of a deeper instrument. $250.00

SOUND PORT: STANDARD feature, because it allows the player to hear the sound more directly, while not taking away from the forward projection.

ELEVATED FINGERBOARD: The original idea was to keep the fingernails farther away from the soundboard, where they can do a great amount of damage. Then I found it also makes the high notes easier to reach, so I've made it a STANDARD feature.

LIGHTLY RADIUSED FINGERBOARD: So much easier to play clean barres, also a STANDARD feature.

TIEBLOCK: I like the elegance and ease of the 12 hole tieblock. STANDARD feature.

20th FRET: $30.00

DOUBLE ACTION TRUSSROD: STANDARD feature for fine tuning the neck relief, adjustable through the sound hole.

ARM REST: By request, if you want to keep your right arm off the soundboard, or prefer a bigger radius for a more comfortable rest, or both. $200.00

HEELLESS: STANDARD. Heel available by request.

CASE: Hiscox Artist, or custom case by Ameritage is STANDARD, Hoffee Custom Case available at extra cost, depending on options chosen.

TUNING MACHINES: Gilbert, Gotoh premium, Sloane, or an allowance of $250.00.

FANNED FRETBOARD: Now available in misc. combinations for $300.00

Note: Standard features are included in the price of the guitar. The current price is $8000.00.

My guitar: Sitka/Cedar Double top, African Blackwood Sides and Back, Snakewood trim and armrest, wedge, all standard features, 640 mm scale. NFS.

Raised fingerboard, sound port, arm rest, wedge views