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I would like to give credit and thanks to GAL click here, IGI Masterclass click here, and GFA click here, and of course my Dad, who taught me how to carve and handle tools at a young age.
- Benz Tschannen

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On Jul 8, 2016 1:25 PM, "Liz Faure" <> wrote:
Hi Benz,
The guitar is here! Thank you for packing it so carefully.
I was stunned when I opened the case. Truly visually gorgeous guitar! My first impressions of the sound are great as well. Super easy to play and a wide range of colors. I will take the evening to get to know it better and send you more thoughts.
Thank you so much and I'll be in touch!

Hi Benz,
I brought the guitar down to NY to show my former Mannes classmates. The response is overwhelmingly positive. This is truly a special instrument and is exactly what I was looking for. It's more powerful than I expected yet still colorful and sensitive. The neck is a breeze to play. I would absolutely love to keep it and bring it along for the ride at Yale. I'll try to get you some videos ASAP!
Thanks again!

"Thank you for your wonderful instrument - I played it yesterday for the first time in a concert and felt very comfortable!!
The sound is amazing - very balanced, warm, colorful, powerful and INSPIRING - exactly the qualities I have been searching for!
   George Vassilev

      "This guitar is everything that I hoped it would be.  Deep, powerful resonant basses that ring, crystalline trebles, and an evenness throughout the entire middle range.  I ordered the extended 7-string guitar to arrange the Bach Cello Suites for guitar using cello tuning and much to my surprise, it captures both the timbre of the cello with the beauty of a guitar.  The ergonomic design, elevated fret board and arm rest make this one of the easiest guitars to play.  I am truly amazed with this instrument."
- Micah Dunn  2010
      "I have played custom built, short-scale guitars for several yeas.  I met Benz at a guitar festival and played an instrument he made.  I asked him to build one for me because I was interested in some new features including a double-top, elevated fingerboard and a sound port.
I expected the guitar he built to feel basically the same as my others, but to sound louder because of the double-top.
And louder it is!!  But it is so much more than that!  There is richness and purity in the tone that I have not experienced before.  It projects very well with clarity in both the treble and bass.  And it hasn't even 'opened up' yet!  When it does, it will be even more amazing.
In addition to the excellent tonal qualities, it is also easier and more comfortable to play.  I requested a Hauser body style because they are a little smaller.  Benz had the idea to try a wedge design that would make the guitar smaller on the lower bout where my arm crosses over it, but wider in other areas allowing for more projection.  In addition, I requested an arm rest and a custom made rosette.  These two features of the guitar are particularly eye-catching and evidence of the high level of craftsmanship of this instrument.
In short, I just have to say that I love this guitar!"

- Andrea Cannon  2009

      "I am a graduate student at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music studying with Sergio Assad.  This past summer I bought a double-top that you built from Guitar Solo and I really love the instrument.  I find it to be really responsive and loud, but it has a very sensitive side as well."

- Jon Mendle  2009
to hear Jon play, click here

     "During the GFA 2008 in San Francisco, I already knew I was going to look for a new guitar for myself. It was a real festival atmosphere: full of music, new friends, events, concerts and guitars.  It was a very unique atmosphere which I always love to feel. My mom shared my feelings with me even though she is not a musician.
     Among other events, there was a very interesting one: a guitar show.  I had never been to one and it was exciting. It was full of beautiful, bright-sounding, brilliant guitars from guitar makers from all the guitar world. Each one was very unique in its sound. After the show, my mom and I agreed in the opinion about one special guitar. It had the best sound for us: warm, bright, and strong. We didn't know who was the master who made this guitar before the end of the show, but decided to try playing this guitar. Well, it was even better than when I heard it on the stage. I really like the sound and design. It is like a brilliant, strong pearl of sound inside the modest, light brown shell. I fell in love with it... and am very happy to call this guitar mine!...
     It was the right decision. My new guitar has very nice timbre, rich bases, a loud and melodic voice. I love the modern design of its body with some special features. With my new guitar by Benz Tschannen, I have already won several competitions and have given a lot of successful concerts.  I hope to reach new points of success with the help of my new guitar. I am really happy to have it and appreciate the Master for his great work!"
- Ulyana Machneva  2008
to hear Ulyana play, click here

     "With a refined artist's touch and intense sensitivity, Benz Tschannen has created a beautiful 8-string instrument that consistently delivers a balanced sound, complemented by a rich, resonant array of overtones tracing each lingering note.  It brings me great joy to experience such an elegant and responsive instrument."
- Stephen Mattingly 2008

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