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     Welcome to Tschannen Guitars,
     formerly "Guitars by Benz"    
     The characteristics I find essential in a guitar are a broad range of volume, color and expressiveness.  It needs to have good sustain, good balance and quick response.
      My guitars have evolved from copies of instruments built by famous Spanish makers by adapting observations and inspirations gained at conventions and master classes to my own distinct, very playable guitar.
      I build my instruments with a domed double-top, elevated and lightly radiused finger board, elliptical sound port, heelless neck, and adjustable truss rod.
     I will always remember the wonder of unpacking my brand new Ramirez 1a in 1967 and tuning it up for the first time.  I work to give that same experience to my customers with my guitars.

Benz Tschannen, Luthier
4746 Schindler Road
Fallon, Nevada  89406
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Three guitars for Mobius Trio, as close to identical as possible: Woods cut consecutively from the same slabs, tops within 2 grams of each other, similar deflection, with minor adaptions for the seven string.